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We exist to assist families and "left behind" parents to ensure that their wrongfully retained child has access to BOTH their natural parents by restoring and enforcing their human rights with true fairness and Justice, we are the voice of your child.



Our Beliefs

As an international organization our beliefs are UNIVERSAL for every victimized child and "left behind parent" across the world. We believe in the RULE OF LAW, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The UN Convention for the Protection of the Child, the power of Christ, the Declaration of Independence for any country in the world, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution regardless what country you are from or what citizenship you posses.




Our Mission


Every year 10 million children are kidnapped around the world, and most governments are unable or unwilling to solve this serious global problem that affects everyone. When "left behind" parents and their offspring have been mistreated by lawless Government Officials, it’s time to restore their human rights. We fight for left behind parents and their wrongfully retained children with International laws, treaties and combined legal strategies. We only act in your child’s best interest and make this always our top priority to restore their human rights, reunite you with your children by enforcing International Laws and Treaties to hold all "bad actors" accountable! ! 


We exist to stop the crimes of parental and governmental child kidnapping.


Our work includes:

  • To investigate and expose Corruption, Child Abuse, and Child Trafficking within Family Law Courts and Child Protective Services worldwide. 

  • To seek Federal and International Indictments and to hold all those accountable who are purposely and knowingly forcing Children into abusive and dangerous situations with no regard for their safety. 


  • To hold accountable those who are purposely suppressing pertinent evidence of abuse and who are knowingly violating Civil Rights, Human Rights, International Laws and Treaties.


  • To hold accountable those who are knowingly, willingly and wantonly conspire with the child abducting parent, by supporting the enforced disappearance of children in other countries without any legal residence status in the land of abduction and wrongful retention. 


  • This includes lawless Judges, Guardian ad Litems, Attorneys, Social Workers, CPS Caseworkers, Visit Supervisors, Visitation Centers, etc.  In addition, the goal is to collaborate with Law Enforcement and others to arrest those responsible and to rescue Children who have been trafficked, wrongfully retained, kidnapped and concealed.

ICCACK fights for:

  • The human rights of victimized families all over the world

  • International protection of parental rights

  • Rightful custody of a minor

  • Hopeless cases

  • Recovering your children 


ICCACK fights against:

  • Mistreatment, torture, enslavement and murder of innocent children

  • International judicial institutionalized discrimination

  • Worldwide institutionalized Child kidnapping

  • Arbitrary deportation of a human being

  • Human trafficking

  • Harboring of illegal immigrants

  • International parental child kidnapping

  • C​rimes against humanity

  • Human rights violations

  • Enforced disappearance of children by Government officials

Our mission is to protect and enforce the Universal Human Rights of the Child by bringing these children back home to safety and into the arms of those "left behind parents" who deeply love them and come to the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping as their "last resort" for help where everybody else let them down.

How this will be accomplished:

  • The Court reviews all Documents, Evidence, Reports, and Testimony from past or current Cases

  • The Court will interview others when needed

  • The Court will be a voice for any Child who is being or has been abused, wrongfully retained, kidnapped and trafficked

  • The Court will accept referrals in any country across the world including all 50 States in the USA

  • The Court will complete a detailed report to deliver to InterPol, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and other proper Authorities to seek International Indictments and Arrests and to expose all involved (Judges, Attorneys, Guardian ad Litems, Social Workers, CPS Case Workers, Visit Supervisors, Visitation Centers, and the child kidnapping parent)

  • The Court will file International Tort Claims on behalf of the abducted child and the "left behind parent" to hold the perpetrators accountable for their heinous acts.


Our Vision

To STOP crimes of parental child kidnapping!


ICCACK is an organization that bases its authority on long established principles by international conventions, laws, and treaties including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, (signed and ratified by more than 196 nations - except USA) the Rome Statute, the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and the Declaration of Human Rights that has been signed and ratified by many nations across the world.


Our vision is to recover parental kidnapped Children from almost any country in the world. When nobody hears your plea, nor wants to help you and when other courts let you down!


ICCACK is there for you. We complement many existing international judicial systems, exercising our universal jurisdiction when national courts are unwilling or unable to prosecute criminals, or when the United Nations Security Council or individual states refer investigations to the court.



If you and your children have been mistreated by lawless Government Officials, its time to enforce and restore your human rights. Our Tort Claim Remedies combined with other legal strategies as well as the enforcement of International Treaties and Conventions are powerful legal tools how you and your children can fight back.


We only act in your child’s best interest, and make this always our highest priority to restore their human rights, reunite you with your children by enforcing International Laws and Treaties to hold all "bad actors" accountable under International Tort law!

If your Human rights or the rights of your children have been violated, and you would like to file a Tort Claim for monetary damages, please talk to us to enforce your and your children's human rights and hold the perpetrators accountable!

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