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What can the International Criminal Court Against Child Kidnapping (ICCACK) do for you and how does our process work?

The Court's founding treaty, called the United Nations Convention for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, which has been signed by 196 Nations across the world, grants the ICCACK jurisdiction over crimes against children. 



  • First and foremost our organization is primarily based on human rights judges and other legal experts who will work on your case based on discounted rates or pro bono. Therefore,  we can only accept the most extreme child abduction cases and not some sort of domestic custody dispute between parents. For those parents we recommend a local psychologist to work out their differences.

  • This organization is fighting true crime, Human Rights violations as well as violations of the UN Convention for the Protection of the Child and violations of other International Conventions & Treaties. 

  • The court will act only on behalf of (left behind) parents and their kidnapped children, who’s human rights have clearly been violated.

  • If you believe you pass this test you can contact us to send us your case summary. Please provide us with as much details as you can. A panel of legal experts will assess your case and if they believe you have an appropriate case, we will contact you and confirm our position.


Upon agreement with you we will start proceedings/services.

Our services include, but are not limited to:​

  • In cases of extreme Human Rights Violations by Government Officials, Enforced Disappearance of your child by Government Officials and/or violations of International Laws and Treaties, were judges are evidently aiding and abetting a parental child kidnapper in a foreign country and violating the United Nations Convention for the Protection of the Child, violating the UN Human Rights Convention, violating the Hague Convention for the wrongful retention of your child, the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping will issue an international enforceable  court order for the immediate return of your child;

  • This court takes up cases that are referred to it by the Security council of the UN or from the appeals made by the parties that did not get proper justice in the courts of law in their country. 196 Nations from around the world (except USA) have signed the UN CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD, to comply with the decision of this court and in cases of violation of child and human rights, the verdict of this Court is held as the highest verdict. The court enjoys a reputation for its untiring work in protecting the rights of the child around the world;

  • Has your child has been abducted to a country within the council of Europe? (almost every European country including all EU-member countries, Turkey, Russia, etc.  are member)  And has your The Hague return petition been recently denied? We can help by filing a formal complaint at the European Court of Human Rights against the country that failed to return your children to their habitual residence and legal domicile;

  • Filing a tort claim against the abducting parent and any conspirator in the crime including judges, attorneys, States and domestic courts if needed;

  • Filing a human rights claim in tribunals such as the European Court of Human Rights - ECHR or similar human rights tribunals, with a high rate of success;

  • Fighting impunity and seeking accountability for serious violations of human rights;

  • We help wrongfully retained children and their ”left behind” parents when they are the most vulnerable. When their child disappears it puts the parent who has been ”left behind” in the worst thinkable position for any parent, having the most beloved part of their life ripped away.


  • The long term psychological damages and emotional trauma an abducted child suffers after the dramatic kidnapping experience by one of his own parents can only be limited by swift actions. It is for the sake of these wrongfully retained children that ICCACK fights against prolonged court processes that allows for the child to be abducted by none of the child’s parents for an extended periods of time.

  • Increasing access to justice for the most vulnerable in society (our children) in the aftermath of human rights violations;

  • Seeking extensive media attention if this would improve the case;

  • Seeking Government attention if this is needed;

  • We provide continuing support during the proceedings via Skype, email and other communications to inform and update you 24/7, wherever you are based;

  • We have no geographical limitations;

  • We can sometimes provide conventional support in the Hague Convention Cases or European Recovery Cases, however this requires attention early in the case and if you are seeking support you must act quickly.  A reduced fee is available for these services.

  • Finding your child. We have an extended network of associated Private Investigators who will be able to find your child, regardless of circumstances, location etc.;

  • The International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping is the court of last resort for prosecution of the crime of (parental) child kidnapping, enforced disappearance of children by government officials, human rights violations, and crimes against humanity.

  • Any party seeking help from the court shall have exhausted all domestic remedies available to them. The court may be able to advise parties if domestic remedies are still open, such as international tort claims; however, the court will not accept jurisdiction in any case if domestic remedies are still open to parties in order to avoid international confusion of jurisdiction.

  • The court is therefore the ultimate jurisdiction of last resort. Its founding principles are established in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Rome Statute, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and entered into force on the day of its establishment;

  • The International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping actively seeks justice, enforces criminal laws concerning (parental) child kidnapping, and protects the rights of the child by putting international justice on the map.  The International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping has made itself responsible for international criminal accountability and has worldwide reach to bring those who commit crimes against children to justice.


  • The ”left behind” parents become helpless and often completely in the dark about the whereabouts and fate of their wrongfully retained children. This makes it almost impossible to fight against unlawful and unconstitutional court rulings.


  • However, ICCACK offer’s international legal assistance and combined legal strategies, including return court orders, to help left behind parents be re-united with their wrongfully retained children as fast as possible.  



If you and your children have been mistreated by your ex-spouse and/or lawless Government Officials, its time to enforce and restore your human rights. Our Tort Claim Remedies combined with other legal strategies as well as the enforcement of International Treaties and Conventions are powerful legal tools how you and your children can fight back. We only act in your child’s best interest, and make this always our highest priority to restore their human rights, reunite you with your children by enforcing International Laws and Treaties to hold all "bad actors" accountable under International Tort law!

If your Human rights or the rights of your children have been violated, and you would like to file a Tort Claim for monetary damages, please talk to us to enforce your and your children's human rights and hold the perpetrators accountable!

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