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Fathers Economic Defense Fund

Empowering Fatherhood: The Fathers Economic Defense Fund

"Fathers Economic Defense Fund is a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to empowering fathers and protecting families. Through comprehensive support, including financial aid, legal assistance, and emotional counseling, we aim to address the challenges faced by fathers in custody disputes and cases of parental child kidnapping. Leveraging blockchain technology and the ICCACK coin, we ensure transparency and efficiency in fund management, creating a sustainable model for justice and family integrity."

Fathers Economic Defense Fund-Front Cover

1. Background

The International Criminal Court Against Child Kidnapping (ICCACK) was established to combat the growing issue of parental child kidnapping and to support fathers in custody disputes.


Our mission is to ensure that the rights of fathers and children are upheld, providing a platform for legal, financial, and emotional support. Through innovative use of blockchain technology, we aim to create a transparent and sustainable funding mechanism to protect families from the devastating impacts of child abduction.

Parental child kidnapping, where one parent unlawfully takes or retains a child from the other parent, is a significant issue affecting countless families worldwide. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, an estimated 203,900 children were victims of family abduction in 1999 alone.


Despite international agreements such as the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, which seeks to protect children from abduction and ensure their prompt return, many cases remain unresolved due to legal complexities, lack of expertise and resources as well as lawlessness of the judiciary.

2. Problem Statement

Fathers facing custody battles and parental child kidnapping cases encounter numerous challenges that can severely impact their ability to maintain a relationship with their children:

Legal Challenges: Fathers often lack the financial resources to secure quality legal representation, putting them at a disadvantage in custody disputes. The legal system can be biased, with fathers facing significant hurdles in proving their suitability as primary caregivers.

Financial Burden: The costs associated with legal battles, including attorney fees, court costs, and travel expenses, can be overwhelming. Fathers who are already struggling financially may find it impossible to bear these costs, leading to unfavorable outcomes in parental child abductions and custody disputes.

Emotional and Mental Health Strain: The stress and emotional toll of parental child abductions and custody battles and the fear of losing their children can have severe impacts on fathers' mental health. This strain can affect their ability to present a strong case in court and maintain a stable environment for their children.

Lack of Support Systems: Many fathers do not have access to adequate support systems, including counseling services and support groups, which are essential for coping with the challenges of custody disputes and child abduction cases.

Judicial Bias and Inconsistencies: Courts may exhibit bias against fathers, favoring mothers in custody decisions. Additionally, inconsistencies in judicial decisions and the application of international laws and treaties can complicate the resolution of child abduction cases.

The Fathers Economic Defense Fund aims to address these issues by providing financial assistance, legal aid, and emotional support to fathers in need. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the ICCACK Coin, plus strong tort litigation strategies we strive to create a transparent and sustainable solution to ensure that fathers can effectively protect their parental rights and maintain strong, healthy relationships with their children.


This is not just a White Paper — it is a call to action.


"The Fathers Economic Defense Fund" aims to empower readers with the knowledge they need to challenge the status quo, advocate for transparency, and demand justice. The time for change is now. Our children's emotional and psychological health, our custody rights, and our future depend on it.


Join the fight for truth. Demand accountability. Protect our children. Be Empowered!

Fathers Economic Defense Fund-Back Cover

ICCACK Mission Statement

The International Criminal Court Against Child Kidnapping (ICCACK) is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of justice, the protection of children, and the empowerment of fathers worldwide. Our mission is to defend the rights of families, particularly fathers, by combating parental child kidnapping and ensuring the fair and just treatment of all involved. We are committed to:

  1. Justice: Upholding international laws and treaties to bring perpetrators of parental child kidnapping to justice and holding accountable those who aid and abet such crimes.

  2. Protection: Safeguarding the welfare of children by promoting their safe and rightful return to their legal guardians.

  3. Empowerment: Supporting fathers through legal assistance, financial aid, and advocacy, empowering them to protect their parental rights and maintain strong, healthy relationships with their children.


Through global outreach, robust legal frameworks, and strategic partnerships, ICCACK strives to create a world where the rights of fathers and their children are respected, protected, and upheld.

We envision a future where families are united, justice is served, and every father has the support and resources necessary to defend their rights and the well-being of their children.

ICCACK Vision Statement

Our vision at the International Criminal Court Against Child Kidnapping (ICCACK) is to create a world where the rights of fathers and their children are universally recognized, respected, and protected.


We strive to establish a global standard of justice that prevents parental child kidnapping, upholds the integrity of families, and ensures the well-being of children.


By fostering international cooperation and leveraging advanced legal frameworks, we aim to:

  1. Eradicate Parental Child Kidnapping: Eliminate the crime of parental child kidnapping through rigorous enforcement of international laws and proactive measures.

  2. Support and Empower Fathers: Provide comprehensive support to fathers, ensuring they have the resources and assistance needed to protect their parental rights and maintain healthy relationships with their children.

  3. Champion Global Justice: Lead the global effort to uphold justice for families affected by parental child kidnapping, ensuring that every case is addressed with fairness, transparency, and urgency.

  4. Promote Safe and Loving Families: Advocate for policies and practices that prioritize the safety, security, and emotional well-being of children within their families.


We envision a future where every child can grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, free from the threat of parental child abductions, and where fathers are empowered to be active, loving participants in their children's lives.

Through unwavering commitment to justice, protection, and empowerment, ICCACK aims to be the leading force in defending the rights of fathers and ensuring the safety and happiness of children worldwide.

Fathers Economic Defense Fund
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