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Every year 10 million children are kidnapped around the world, and most Governments are unable or unwilling to solve this serious global problem that affects everyone. Keeping track of children is becoming much easier thanks to kids wearables. While there are plenty of smartwatches for kids on the market, you need GPS for tracking. With a GPS system you can pinpoint the exact position of the person you're looking for using a map on your smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to the safety of your children cost should never be an issue.



We all know that child abduction is a horrible crime. That is why we are now selling CHILD TRACKING SAFETY DEVICES to prevent child abductions. Also, you are helping us to support "the parents left behind” across the world, covering their legal and court filing fees.


All sales profit of our child tracking devices is going towards helping the "the parents left behind" to cover all of the expenses in connection with returning their wrongfully retained children from anywhere in the world.  

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