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Introduction to the International Court - ICCACK

EXPOSED: The diabolic agenda for world domination and how Covid was PURPOSELY UNLEASHED as a BIO WEAPON against humanity!


This shocking and eye opening video is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of FACTUAL TRUTH you will see in your lifetime. It is from the recent International Covid Summit hosted by the European Parliament.


So far 766 million Covid-19 infections have been recorded worldwide with over 7 million deaths, excluding vaccine deaths. This is the biggest crime against humanity perpetrated by the US Government.


The evidence shows that Covid-19 was intentionally released by the US Government in Wuhan, China with the goal to trigger a global pandemic to raise public acceptance of US Pharma vaccines. Every nation should condemn the bio-terrorist, Nordstream pipeline terrorist Government of the United States! And here we are with bio-labs in many places—including “Ukraine.”


Ukraine is key to NWO and the Biden’s are heavily involved in the Ukraine bio-labs. The proxy war was designed to hide ongoing criminality.




When will other Presidents stand up against the tyranny of the MOST CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE IN THE WORLD? 

1965 all begins.

1990 to 2018 - every publication (1000's) on vaccs for coronovirus concluded that cov escapes the vaccine impulse/do not work.

2002- Univ NC Chapel Hill - SARS patented as Infecitious replication defective clone of coronavirus, defective, in other words, a weapon, meant to target an individual. on work funded by NIAID Anthony Fauci.

2003- SARS 1.0 mysteriously appears - CDC files patent- violating a law - they downloaded sequence from China, and filed patent in US = a crime, violation of the Biological Weapons Treaty / 2007 patent issued.


2005 - labeled as bioweapon platform/ biowarfare enabling agent technology.

2005 - 10billion $ given to NIAID (Fauci) = BioDefense budget.

2014 - Gain of Function moratorium - BUT exemption given to NC Chapel Hill Bioweapons lab facility from NIAID.

2016 - "SARS COV poised for human emergence." as WIV-1. (Wuhan Institute of Virology - 1).

2017-18 - phrase becomes common.. "there is going to be an accidental or intentional Release of a respiratory pathogen".

2019 - 7mos before Patient #1, in April 2019, Moderna modified 4 patents to include term "accidental or intentional release".

At 19:30 mins - Sept 2019, world was informed, of this "accidental or intentional release" so that by Sept 2020, the world would accept and use a universal vaccine template, using coronovirus to achieve this.

Dr. Martin reads 2015 - National Academy of Sciences statement "...until an infectious crisis is very real.. economics will follow the hype.."

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